Beer Blog: The Official Announcement of the Beerunch Tasting Menu


To say that September is an exciting month for Public House would be a gross understatement. While we cheer on our First Place Giants going into the end of the regular season, we are also keeping busy by working with our friends at Cerveceria de MateVeza to plan the Third Annual Beerunch, coming up on September 30th. After a rigorous tasting session yesterday, the beers and the menu items have been set and we're almost ready to go! Featured menu items include Buttermilk Waffles with Pulled Pork and Apricot Preserves, and Smoked Salmon Tartare Over Rye Crostini. For those who can't wait to hear more, you can view the entire menu here

Tickets for this event will sell out and are already on sale on the MateVeza website. Click here to purchase your tickets online. For those who prefer a more personal purchasing experience, tickets are also on sale at Cerveceria de MateVeza, located at 3801 18th Street, on the northwest corner of Dolores Park. Stop by for a ticket and stay for a beer!

Beer Blog: The 120 Minute IPA Has Arrived


It's true, Public House has been graced with a few small kegs of Dogfish Head's fabled 120 Minute IPA, and just in time for our weekend homestand against the Dodgers. If you call yourself a Hop Head and you are yet to try this beer, you are truly missing out on a landmark beer. Dogfish Head takes pride in the fact that the 120 Minute is quite possibly "the biggest IPA ever brewed" and, at 18-20% ABV, 120 IBUs, and a 45-degree Plato reading, it would be hard to prove them wrong. Whereas some beers might be compared to other beers of the same style, or even comparable wines, Dogfish Head's 120 Minute IPA is truly in a league of its own. With a heavy, syrupy body that balances out the bitterness from the high-alpha hops, the 120 Minute may remind some drinkers of a particularly complex Scotch or a Bourbon, rather than any other beer that they have tried before. "Too extreme to be called beer?" asks Dogfish Head...we'll let you decide.

Beer Blog: Just Tapped!

Public House is gearing up for our next homestand (starting this Monday against the Diamondbacks), which means we have just tapped some exciting new beers that we can't wait to brag about. Here's a taste of two rare brews that we've been especially enjoying. They will be on tap all weekend and hopefully throughout the next homestand but supplies are limited, so be sure to grab a glass before they run dry!


Dogfish Head's Hellhound On My Ale; American Double IPA, 10% ABV

 Hellhound On My Ale Logo

This Double IPA from Dogfish Head is brewed in tribute to the would-be 100th birthday of Blues legend Robert Johnson. This brew is unabashedly hoppy: dry-hopped with Centennial Hops, at a rate of 100 kilos per 100 barrel brew-length, and clocking in at 100 IBUs. What better way to celebrate a 100th birthday? The beer is also brewed with lemon rind to give it an added citrus bitterness. Besides the obvious hint of lemon, the hops and citrus flavors are balanced out nicely by a sweet malt back, lending notes of stone fruit in the background. Overall this is a big beer with a nice, warming aftertaste and a dry finish that leaves your tongue tingling and asking for more. 


Ommegang's Biere d'Hougoumount; Biere de Garde, 7.3% ABV


A limited edition brew from Ommegang, the Biere d'Hougoumount is brewed with traditional French ale yeast, French Strisselspalt hops, and eight different varities of malt. Needless to say, malt is the star of this beer. The first thing that one might notice when sipping on this beer is the aroma, which is quite pungent and reminiscent of fresh-baked banana bread. That being said, the Biere d'Hougoumount is in fact a fairly subtle and remarkably well-balanced beer once you start sipping. The taste of toasted malts is present, adding hints of maple, biscuits, and even oak. This is a complex, sweet beer, yet it proves to be very drinkable and not at all too heavy.




Beerunch Returns to Public House 9/30

We have great news for beer lovers and food lovers alike! Beerunch is coming back to Public House on Sunday September 30th. Our crafty culinary team, lead by Chris Wade, is brainstorming up a playful and sumptious menu with beer pairings to delight your taste buds. Tickets can be purchased at In the meantime, here is a taste of the breweries we have lined up for the event, as well as their respective beers.

  • MateVeza and Mill Valley Beerworks – Morpho Herbal Ale
  • Moonlight – Change of Heart
  • Knee Deep – Simtra Triple IPA
  • AleSmith – Speedway Stout
  • Bear Republic – Tartare
  • Cervecería – Brewer's Selection
  • Magnolia - Pearly Baker’s Best


Beer Blog: What’s New At Public House

For all you beer aficionados out there, we have just what you've been asking for. Our very own Public House Beer Blog, featuring some of the new and interesting beers on our ever-changing menu.  This is where you'll find information about what we're pouring on tap, tasting notes to help you learn about our beer and an occasional history lesson behind some of these amazing beers and breweries. Check back regularly to see about the exciting new beers we're serving and a taste of things to come.


A Taste of What We're Pouring Now

Grand Teton's Snarling Badger; Berliner-Weisse, 7.5% ABV


Snarling Badger is a top-fermented, sour wheat beer by Grand Teton Brewing company, released as part of their Cellar Reserve series. Although this is most definitely a sour beer, Snarling Badger is not as tart and puckering as other interpretations of this same style, making for an impressively well-balanced beer. Snariling Badger pours a hazy yellow with a fluffy white head that recedes quickly. The beer features notes of lemongrass, biscuits, and Bavarian yeast, which adds a slight hint of clove. Snarling Badger pairs perfectly with our Early Girl Tomato Salad, topped with grilled corn and chicarones, to create a refreshing marriage that fits in well with the late-August heat.


Oskar Blues' Mama's Little Yella Pils; Czech Pilsner, 5.3% ABV

For the beer drinker that prefers something a bit more subtle, Oskar Blues' Yella Pils will do the trick...and then some. Shipped in from Longmont, Colorado, this beer offers everything that one would expect from a prime example of the Czech Pilsner style. An aroma of sweet malts and bright, floral hops are immediately noticeable, and the aroma confirms the palate, showing notes of wheat, hay, and a bit of hop bitterness, which provides the beer with an implicit complexity. Very light, very drinkable, very good.


Linden Street Brewery's Burning Oak Black Lager; Schwarzbier, 6.5% ABV

Linden Street Brewery

Although a Schwarzbier is typically a very dark beer (the name translates to "black beer" in German), a Schwarzbier is a notoriously light-bodied brew, with flavors reminiscent of a Porter or a Stout. Burning Oak features notes of coffee and bittersweet chocolate, while still retaining a remarkably smooth finish. This beer boasts all of the complexities of a dark beer without weighing you down. Linden Street Brewery is based out of West Oakland, and head brewer and owner Adam Lamoreaux delivers the product personally to Public House. This is a truly local, artisanal product, so be sure to come in and grab a taste before it's all gone.