Beer Blog: Just Tapped!

Public House is gearing up for our next homestand (starting this Monday against the Diamondbacks), which means we have just tapped some exciting new beers that we can't wait to brag about. Here's a taste of two rare brews that we've been especially enjoying. They will be on tap all weekend and hopefully throughout the next homestand but supplies are limited, so be sure to grab a glass before they run dry!


Dogfish Head's Hellhound On My Ale; American Double IPA, 10% ABV

 Hellhound On My Ale Logo

This Double IPA from Dogfish Head is brewed in tribute to the would-be 100th birthday of Blues legend Robert Johnson. This brew is unabashedly hoppy: dry-hopped with Centennial Hops, at a rate of 100 kilos per 100 barrel brew-length, and clocking in at 100 IBUs. What better way to celebrate a 100th birthday? The beer is also brewed with lemon rind to give it an added citrus bitterness. Besides the obvious hint of lemon, the hops and citrus flavors are balanced out nicely by a sweet malt back, lending notes of stone fruit in the background. Overall this is a big beer with a nice, warming aftertaste and a dry finish that leaves your tongue tingling and asking for more. 


Ommegang's Biere d'Hougoumount; Biere de Garde, 7.3% ABV


A limited edition brew from Ommegang, the Biere d'Hougoumount is brewed with traditional French ale yeast, French Strisselspalt hops, and eight different varities of malt. Needless to say, malt is the star of this beer. The first thing that one might notice when sipping on this beer is the aroma, which is quite pungent and reminiscent of fresh-baked banana bread. That being said, the Biere d'Hougoumount is in fact a fairly subtle and remarkably well-balanced beer once you start sipping. The taste of toasted malts is present, adding hints of maple, biscuits, and even oak. This is a complex, sweet beer, yet it proves to be very drinkable and not at all too heavy.